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Google Ads are the Fastest Way to Page 1 of Google

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) are often the most important part of your advertising, as you only pay when your ads are clicked on by people searching for your chosen keywords in the locations you wish to target. Chris is Google-Certified for Search and has a Google Ads Manager account, which means all of your impressions, clicks, calls, conversion tracking and detailed analytics are fully audited and provided by Google themselves. Chris then takes you through these reports, continually optimising and refining the campaign for better results.

We manage all aspects of your Google Ads account, starting by identifying the aims of your campaigns and then identifying high performing keywords to target the audience you require.

We can work to any budget from as little as £5 per day!


Our pricing for the Google Ads package depends on your specific requirements. If you are currently paying for a PPC package, we often find that we can reduce the cost you are paying and also increase traffic. This reduced cost pays us and the increased traffic puts more money in your pocket!

The main benefit of using Chris to run your Google Ads campaign management is to free up your time, as time is money. We aim to reduce your overall spend and achieve low cost targeted traffic. You will receive monthly reports to show how efficient the Ads campaign is running, giving confidence that your Google Ads campaign is being professionally managed and specific keywords researched and optimised to increase sales and lower advertising costs.